Pura Vida. Vieques

Pure Life. Vieques

Rates and Availability

Pura Vida normally rents on a weekly term. However we are open to less than 1 week rentals, just send us a reservation request via the 'Reserve' tab on the top menu. Our availability calendar is displayed in real time and is accurate. If a date shows as open, it is.

  • High Season: November-April $1400 per Week
    • $225 per night stays < 5 nights
  • Low Season: May-October $1100 per Week
    • $165 per night stays < 5 nights
  • Holiday: $1600 per Week
    • Christmas
    • New Years
    • President's Week
    • Easter
  • SUV Rental
    • Honda Pilot(8 Passenger) $60-$65 per day depending on season

During the high season on Vieques, demand often outweighs the supply of available rental cars on the island. If rental cars are not booked in advance during the busy season, it can be very difficult to find a vehicle for rent. Pura Vida has an 8 passenger Honda Pilot Limited for the exclusive use of our guests. What can be more convient than your vehicle waiting for you in the driveway upon arrival?

Martineau Car Rental and Vieques Car Rental charge $85 per day PLUS taxes and fees for an 8 passenger SUV, bringing the total per day cost upwards of $90+.

We often get asked 'Do we really need a vehicle on Vieques?' or 'Do I need a vehicle my entire stay?'. The answer to both questions is a Yes. We always try to take advantage of public transportation while traveling to various locations. However on Vieques there is little in the way of public transportation. The only thing close is a Publico, which is a shared 15 passenger taxi van, the same ones which will most likely deliver you to Pura Vida from the airport or ferry terminal. If you were to rely on a Publico for your entire stay on Vieques, it would be difficult and you would miss out on precious beach time. Publicos only go to a handful of beaches, cost about $5+ per person each way, and may not always be available. Let's say you did take a Publico to the beach with a party of 5, it would cost at least $25 each way or $50 round trip. For marginally more our vehicle provides more space, freedom to explore and convenience.