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Our Story

We purchased Pura Vida in the summer of 2006. Myself (Jeff), my wife (Michelle) and our two kids (Andrew born 2007, Caroline born 2010) are the proud owners of the property. We have put countless hours of time, capital and lots of sweat improving and maintaining the home, which is not exactly easy on a remote Caribbean island! We live full time in Mechanicsburg, PA, Michelle is a Penn State University grad, I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. Andrew is an aspiring super-hero and Caroline (our youngest) bosses us all around already.

We feel we provide an excellent location, value and convenience with our vehicle at Pura Vida, and many others feel the same. We have had many repeat guests who have become friends each year, hopefully you will become not only a guest but a friend as well. Each year we continually invest with capital improvements to make your stay more comfortable. We've installed an outdoor shower, completely remodeled the kitchen (summer 2010), and continually update and replace amenities for your satisfaction.

No house can claim to be all things to all people. However we feel Pura Vida offers a tremendous value, a sizeable vehicle, and very convenient walkable location in Esperanza for our guests.


Here are a few pictures of our family to share.

Summer 2015 Group photo Andrew summer 2012


Part of Puerto Rican culture revolves around roosters, from show to fighting. There are roosters in virtually all of Esperanza and Vieques as a whole. Locals living around Pura Vida, and many residences in Esperanza and Vieques, have roosters. You can hear roosters during the day at Pura Vida and most everywhere in Esperanza. Around dusk they are silent. With the AC running they are virtually inaudible within the house. Most people report roosters don't bother them and they get used to it. Therefore we want to make it clear that roosters do exist on Vieques and the neighborhood.

Roosters are ingrained in the culture of Puerto Rico, similar to baseball in the States. Regardless of where you stay on Vieques, it's very likely you will hear roosters.